Purpose, Motivation & Goals

"Why We Do What We Do?"

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"the reason for which something is done, or created."

What I have found is that one of the first steps in reaching your goals is to determine why you want to reach it. Sometimes it can be a s simple is answering just a few questions that are often asked by law enforcement officials:

Finding the Answer

The who and what is the purpose, the why is the motivation or motive, and the  when, where, and how is the goal.

The is a reason (purpose) why we do everything that we do and one of the keys to reaching your goals is to answer the why (motivation) question, that is why to I want to do this or why or what will be the results when and if I reach my goal? I discuss in more details in my book. You will see that the answer to these five questions are very important in determining the direction and approach we will take in reaching our goals.
So, having and knowing your purpose is the first thing that you must have in order to set the chain of events in motion.

Your PURPOSE is your motivation to
reach your goals.
 "the act or process of giving someone
a reason for doing something."
In my book entitled: Why We Do What We Do - (Purpose, Motivation & Goals), I share some insights, observations and revelations on the subject from a theological perspective (in relation to faith) and psychological perspective (in relation to science) and how the two can be merged to create and gain the proper framework for reaching your goals and hopefully our goals will be framed by these three factors...

(1) a right or noble purpose, (2) a right motivation, and (3) a right or correct goal. Just like someone who wants to score a goal in any sport like football, soccer or basketball.

First, the purpose is to beat the other team, Second, the motivation is to score more points, and Third, to do everything you can to stop the other team from scoring points or reaching their goal.

The above analogy of playing a game, makes it seem simple. But, life is not a game or quite so simple. I believe that there is one key that prevents most people from reaching their goals....



"something that you are trying to

do or achieve."


People do things in life to win, to get more money, to make friends, etc. based on their needs, wants, and desires. Sometimes, people do this by offering or giving incentives, imposing fines, deceit, etc. and oftentimes without much thought to how it affects others.


"... And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28 (NIV)

Many people who profess faith in Christ, do things based on Scriptures, like: "For I know the plans that I have for you." - (Jeremiah 29:11)..."delight yourself in the Lord, He would give you the desires of our heart"- (Psalm 37:4)... and "when you commit to the LORD whatever you do, He will establish your plans" - (Proverbs 16:3).

But, whether you have faith in God or not, every person has a desire to win, succeed, and prosper in life. Not only should we want you to win, have success, and prosper, but we should also want to know why. As this will help us to reach our GOALS.


"Your PURPOSE is your MOTIVATION to reach your GOALS"